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If you’re looking for self storage units in Anchorage to keep your things, whether for a month or a decade, Northland Maxi Vaults has a few tips to get it right. Before you need a self storage unit, they may all seem the same to you. It’s only when you start to think about what you’re going to store that you begin asking bigger questions about the facility’s policies and standards.

Climate Tips for Storage Units in Anchorage

Anchorage isn’t exactly known for its mild weather, and all those nasty weather reports can end up having big implications for your precious possessions. Finding a heated space isn’t just recommended, it’s downright necessary if you want to keep your items protected. Maxi Vaults provides a heated environment for our customers, and we do it at no extra charge. 

Preventing mildew or mold from building up over time is something of its own art form, so it’s important to choose a unit that will protect your documents, rugs, electronics, etc. Mold can actually grow on nearly anything (including dust), so there’s really nothing that’s immune from needing climate control.

Self Storage Units Security

Storing seasonal items vs. tax documents are two very different kinds of business. At Maxi Vaults, we have on-site management to accommodate in and outbound freight deliveries for businesses, as well as personal storage. Our closed-circuit surveillance, 24-hour monitored security system, and fire alarms are designed to keep even your most valuable possessions as safe as possible.

Policies for Self Storage Units in Anchorage

There are plenty of self storage units out there in Anchorage, and they all come with their own policies. Your rental document is a binding legal contract, meaning that you need to agree to all of their stipulations if you want to store your things there. 

At Maxi Vaults, we offer competitive rates without a security deposit or an administration fee. We also make it easy to keep track of what you owe. We might also offer discounts for prepayment.

Space and Configuration of Self Storage Units

You’ll need to know how you’re going to fit everything into the unit, so make sure you have a game plan before you choose a self storage unit in Anchorage. If you’re going to keep your items in good shape, you may need to disassemble them first. For instance, taking apart the bed and wrapping each component in bubble wrap. You’ll also need to figure out how the unit will hold it all and how you’ll move it from one place to the next. At Maxi Vaults, we have hand trucks onsite for ease, so you’re more mobile.

Storage Units and Insurance

You should look into what kinds of insurance you already have and what else you might need. For example, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance may cover your belongings to some extent, but they may not cover everything. 

Some policies may only refund part of the item’s value, while others won’t refund you at all. Ideally, you should try to cover as many items as possible. If you’re in Anchorage and don’t want to take the chance with self storage units, make sure to work with a facility and a staff who can answer your questions so you’re not nervous about any damage that might occur.

Monthly Cost of Self Storage Units in Anchorage

Storage unit costs are based on how much you have and how long you store it. Some facilities may make you rent for a certain amount of time, while others will allow you to customize your storage rental. 

A good facility will protect all of your things from damage, and this includes natural disasters and man-made threats alike. Maxi Vaults offers competitive rates, whether you’re storing for business or personal purposes. Plus, we have people here who can accept and field deliveries — without your having to be there.

Storage Unit Options

When you’re moving all of your things into a storage facility, make sure you take careful inventory of everything you’re stowing away in self storage units in Anchorage. It’s easy to forget what was and wasn’t stored there, which can make the move-out process far more confusing. You could easily wind up searching for hours for an item that was never there in the first place or replacing an item that was in storage all along. Inventories may take some time to complete, but they end up saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.

You should also make sure to clean all of your things before they go into storage. Cleaned and wrapped items tend to hold up longer in an enclosed space, plus it’s just nicer to come back when you’re ready to get it all back out again. Just make sure that everything is dry by the time it goes into the unit, or else you’ll probably come back to mildew or mold. Label your boxes and then match them up to the inventory list. Be specific so you can prioritize what and how to unpack. For instance, specify the type of dishes (e.g., fancy china vs. everyday dishware).

It’s not always easy to store your things, but thankfully, there are units that can protect your belongings until you’re ready to use them again. The suggestions here boil down to doing your research, so you’re prepared for a variety of possibilities. At Maxi Vaults, our staff is here to answer all of your questions and keep your things under lock and key until you reclaim them.