Personal Storage

When it comes to personal storage services in Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding areas, you can’t do better than Maxi Vaults. We offer storage solutions for all types of personal reasons, also known as mini storage. Whether you’re looking for long-term personal storage or short term storage, you can rely on Maxi Vaults to satisfy your storage needs. Contact us for availability, rates and more information.

Common Reasons to Use Personal Storage Units

There are a variety of reasons why renting a storage container is a great asset. A self-storage unit might be the ideal short-term or long-term answer for our ever-changing lives and lifestyle changes.

personal storage

Here are a few examples of how a personal storage unit may assist:

Home Renovation Projects

By storing your furniture, appliances, and fixtures, you can keep them secure while your house is being renovated. If you’re redoing a room for a child, parent, or home office save the extra stuff inside a heated storage unit until you need it.


Use storage to keep your personal belongings secure while you wait for a house purchase to finalize or construction to be done.


Once the kids have moved out, it’s frequently a good idea to downsize to a smaller, more cost-effective home. If your young adult children aren’t yet ready to collect their stuff, put them in a secure personal storage until they are.

Working Overseas/Deployed

It’s critical to keep your belongings safe when working abroad or deployed with the military. Also, know that Maxi Vaults offers a 10% discount for military members needing mini storage.


Do not entrust your personal belongings to your ex. Keep them secure while you’re going through the divorce process until you can start a new life.

Loved One Has Passed Away

Because dealing with death is never pleasant, it’s critical to have faith that everything will be safe and secure with mini storage until the estate is settled.

Storage Units for Seasonal Things

Storage units are ideal for seasonal items such as patio furniture and garden equipment in the winter, snow blowers and shovels in the winter, and totes full of Christmas decorations in the winter.


College students frequently change dormitories and apartments between the years, so instead of lugging everything across the country, store it over the summer. It’s also a wonderful place to keep your belongings while studying abroad or taking a gap year.


Whether you collect sports cards, comic books, toy cars, or historic autos, a personal storage unit can help you keep your valuables safe in between trade shows.

Maxi Vaults for Your Anchorage Personal Storage Needs

When choosing personal storage, you want to know that your items will be in the same condition when you remove them as they were when you put them into storage. At Maxi Vaults in Anchorage, Alaska, we take steps to ensure that our customers’ personal possessions are safe and secure. We also make sure that all of our customers receive the utmost in customer care and attention.

Competitive Pricing

No need to look any further than Maxi Vaults for the best prices in personal storage. We offer a low cost guarantee that means you won’t get a better price on heated storage units from anyone around. That’s our promise to you!

Heated Inside Drive-Up

At Maxi Vaults, we don’t want our customers to be uncomfortably cold while loading or unloading their personal units. We have a spacious heated, inside drive-up for that purpose. Just drive in, load or unload, and pull forward to exit out another door.

Great Reputation

Maxi Vaults is proud to be able to say that we have been in business since 1983. We have a great in-person and online reputation because we have excellent heated storage units, we offer superior customer service and our premises are very secure.

Larger Units Available

Do you have larger storage needs? Contact us to see if one of our larger units is available. We have storage units up to 1500 square feet available on a first come, first serve basis.

Military Discounts

We honor those who have served or are serving our country with a 10% discount. Ask your representative to learn more.

Discounts for Seniors

Mature folks may qualify for a senior discount of 10% at Maxi Vaults. All you have to do is provide proof of age and the discount will be automatically applied.

24-Hour Security and Surveillance

Of course, any time you want to put your possessions into a storage unit, you want to know that they will be safe. Not only do we have on-site personnel keeping an eye on things; we also have 24-hour surveillance cameras in place. Our premises are well-lit, so you can rest assured that your unit is safe and secure.