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Storage units in Anchorage, just like storage units in other cities, tend to get messy! Over time, your storage unit may accumulate more items from your home than you ever intended, and finding what you need will become harder and harder. It’s a common problem, but one that’s avoidable. With a little planning and organization, you can keep your storage unit less messy and more functional.

The easier it is to find what you need, the more rewarding it is to have a storage unit. At Northland Maxi Vaults, we recommend the following tips to our customers who want to maintain an orderly storage unit.

Use Clear Bins for Transparency

You can’t see through cardboard, but you can see through clear plastic! Storing items in clear plastic makes it easier to see what’s inside the bins. Plastic bins also stack more easily than cardboard boxes, so there are multiple advantages to using this type of container. If possible, always buy the same kind of clear plastic bins for your storage unit, and make sure they’re modular, so they’ll stack on top of one another easily.

Inventory What’s in Your Storage Units in Anchorage

The longer you have your storage units in Anchorage, the harder it will be to remember what you put in there. You could spend all afternoon pulling items out of your storage unit, only to realize that you never packed them in there in the first place! Making an inventory will make it easier to keep track of everything that’s inside your storage area, and will help you avoid a time-consuming, fruitless scavenger hunt.

Do what you can to make your inventory more useful. It may help to know what date an item was put in the unit, taken out, or replaced. If your storage unit is organized by shelves, mark each shelf with a letter and record on the inventory which shelf the item was placed on.

A paper list will work for a very small storage unit, but a spreadsheet may be more appropriate for a larger storage unit. Consider making a map of your storage unit as well, to mark quadrants and show where each item on the inventory is located on the map.

Store Rarely Used Items in Harder to Reach Places

Place seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, and other items that get used on an annual basis in a part of the storage unit where they can be easily reached. For items that you rarely need, like sentimental items and furnishings that no longer fit in your apartment or house, find a position in the back of your storage unit. If storing frequently used items in convenient places requires you to re-organize your storage unit, remember to update your inventory and storage unit map.

Take Furniture Apart

Don’t place whole pieces of furniture in your storage unit. Instead, take your furniture apart before putting it in storage. When you’re taking furniture apart, include instructions for reassembly. These might be the manufacturer instructions or instructions you write for yourself. You can also take a video of yourself taking the item apart, so you can see for yourself how it’s put back together. Store disassembled furniture upright if at all possible.

Label Everything in Storage Units in Anchorage

Even if you’re using transparent boxes for your storage units in Anchorage, it’s still important to label every box and container that you place inside. Labeling makes it easy to recognize what’s in a box at a glance and saves you time when you’re trying to find something. Make the labels large. Put labels on each side of the container – and on top – so you’ll be able to see what’s in the box, no matter what orientation the box is placed in the storage unit.

Use dark, permanent markers to make the labels. Leave some space on each label so you can add things to the label as things are added to the container. Use strong packing tape to attach the label to the side of the box, so the label won’t fall off when it’s placed in storage. Post-it notes are not strong enough to stay on boxes on their own!

Stack Items Safely

Stacking items to the ceiling of your storage unit makes good use of the ceiling space and helps you fit more items in your storage unit. However, large stacks of boxes can be dangerous! A stack can make trouble for you if it’s not stable. To add stability to your stacks of boxes, use sturdy shelves and modular storage containers. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. When lifting heavy boxes, get help from a friend, roommate, or family member. Don’t try to lift something that’s bulky or heavy on your own.

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Renting a well-organized storage unit in Anchorage can be a rewarding experience. By keeping seasonal items and rarely used things out of your house, you can keep your home more organized and easier to clean. The more organized your storage unit is, the easier it will be to retrieve what you really need!

At Northland Maxi Vaults, we help our customers keep their items safe in our clean, well-maintained facilities. To find out more about renting a storage room, contact us today to see our available units for yourself.